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Plant It Tampa Bay

Variegated Ginger Lily

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Variegated Ginger Lily

Variegated ginger - sometimes called "shell ginger" - dominates the tropical shade garden with striped green and yellow leaves and a wide-spreading habit.


  • Variegated shell ginger flowering shrub is ideal for containers and as an indoor specimen

  • Produces leafy, arching stems with boldly striped foliage that create a tropical look, and large, drooping clusters of white and pink, shell-like flowers with a sweet fragrance

  • Thrives in partly sunny areas, and requires moist soil for healthy plant growth



      Easy To Grow

      Low Maintenance

      Great For Mass Plantings

      Good For Containers


      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Grow Best: 

      Plant It Tampa Bay  Landscaping

      Plant It Tampa Bay  House Plant

      Plant It Tampa BayContainer

      Variegated shell ginger flowering shrub is ideal for containers and as an indoor specimen


      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Ideal position:

      Performs best in Sun Light

      Any light is fine.

      Sun: full to part Sun, 6 plus hours direct sun daily


      Plant It Tampa Bay


      Once a week, or when top inch of soil is dry, they are not as thirsty as many other common houseplants, but will drop leaves if they stay too wet or too dry for extended periods
      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Healthy Temperatures:

      Warm, tropical vibes of 65-90°F

      Grown indoors as a houseplant but can be grown outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 2-12


      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Growth Outlook:

      Variegated ginger is a moderate grower that can reach heights of 3 to 6 feet, and grows 5 to 8 feet wide.

       Growth Rate: Fast

      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Pet Friendly - yes

      YES.  TNone of the sources that I have found list variegated ginger as being toxic for animal.

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      Landscape uses:

      • Single yard specimen
      • Center of a circular drive
      • Large accent for a mixed bed
      • Backdrop for smaller plants
      • Front of tall green shrubs
      • Corner-of-the-house accent
      • Pool cage plant (for a large bed)
      • Surrounding a palm tree
      • Understory plant among large trees

      Plant care

      Add composted cow manure and top soil (or organic peat moss) to the hole when you plant. Choose a well-drained area or this plant won't do well.

      No trimming is needed other than to do a warm-weather pruning for size and/or to remove a dead leaf now and then.

      Although these plants don't mind dry conditions, they'll look their best with regular irrigation timed so that the soil has a chance to dry out between waterings.

      Fertilize 3 times a year - in spring, summer, and fall - with a top quality granular fertilizer.

      Plant spacing

      These beautiful plants have a massive spread, so give them plenty of room to spread their wings.

      Place them 4 to 5 feet apart and allow at least 4 feet between a ginger and the nearest shrub.

      If planting around a palm, come out about 3 feet.