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Plant It Tampa Bay

Hawaiian TI Plant

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Plant Features

Hawaiian TI Plant 3 Gallon - Also called "Cordyline" 

Bright pink stripes on burgundy-red leaves offer a lush and tropical look. Extremely durable and low maintenance. Upright palm tree-like growth makes a great focal point in landscape or large containers. Plant with contrasting foliage plants or bright flowering annuals.

Grow ti plant in a high-light situation. In most areas, this colorful plant can take direct sun on the leaves when grown indoors. Like many tropical plants, it appreciatesthe high relative humidity of its natve range.

  • Water when the top of the potting mix dries out
  • Fertlize once or twice a year
  • Direct from farm, farm fresh
  • Beautify Your Yard with Tropical Plants
  • Does best in high light but will usually grow fine in medium light, it can tolerate direct sun on its leaves indoors, even in hot-summer climates
  • Fertlize once or twice a year
  • Direct from farm, farm fresh
  • Beautify Your Yard with Tropical Plants



Easy To Grow

Low Maintenance

Great For Mass Plantings

Good For Containers

Plant It Tampa Bay

Grow Best:  

 Plant It Tampa Bay  Landscaping 

Plant It Tampa Bay   House Plant

Plant It Tampa Bay  Container


Plant It Tampa Bay

Ideal position:

Performs best in Medium Ligh

*Some people plant in full sun but tips will burn 

Plant It Tampa Bay


Once a week, or when top inch of soil is dry, they are not as thirsty as many other common houseplants, but will drop leaves if they stay too wet or too dry for extended periods
Plant It Tampa Bay

Healthy Temperatures:

Warm, tropical vibes of 65-90°F

Grown indoors as a houseplant but can be grown outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 11-12

Plant It Tampa Bay

Growth Outlook:

Mature size is 2-6’ Tall and 2-3’ Wide

 Growth Rate: slow-Medium

Plant It Tampa Bay

Pet Friendly

NO.  Toxicity. The Hawaiian Ti plant is poisonous to dogs and cats when ingested. It contains toxins called saponins, which can result in symptoms such as vomiting, lack of appetite, and low mood.


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