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Plant It Tampa Bay

California Alocasia Shrub I Elephant Ears

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California Alocasia Shrub I Elephant Ears

Giant Elephant Ear Alocasia is a spectacular tropical landscape plant with giant leaves the look like elephant ears. It is the fastest and largest growing alocasia on the market which makes it the perfect plant for any landscape. It can be grown indoors in a decorative container or outdoors as a background plant, pond border, statement plant, or in an outdoor container.

  • Part Sun, 6 plus hours indirect sun daily
  • Hardiness zone: hardy in zones 7-9 annual for zones 6 and below
  • Bloom time: late spring
  • Soil type: does well in acidic, neutral and alkaline well-drained soils, mulch recommended
  • Mature size: 5 ft. T x 6 ft. W
  • Enhance Your Garden with Vines and Shrubs.


      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Grow Best: 

      Plant It Tampa Bay  Landscaping

      Plant It Tampa Bay  House Plant

      Plant It Tampa Bay Container


      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Ideal position:

      Performs best in Sun Light

      Any light is fine.

      The more sun you give these plants, however, the more water they'll require.


      Plant It Tampa Bay


      Once a week, or when top inch of soil is dry, they are not as thirsty as many other common houseplants, but will drop leaves if they stay too wet or too dry for extended periods
      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Healthy Temperatures:

      Warm, tropical vibes of 65-90°F

      Grown indoors as a houseplant but can be grown outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 2-12

      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Growth Outlook:

      Mature size is 5' Tall and 4' Wide

       Growth Rate: Fast

      Plant It Tampa Bay

      Pet Friendly - NO

      NO.  Toxicity. Hosta Patriotplant is poisonous to dogs and cats when ingested. It contains toxins called saponins, which can result in symptoms such as vomiting, lack of appetite, and low mood.

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      Landscape uses 

      • Single yard specimen
      • Large accent for the corner of the house, deck or patio
      • Background for smaller plants
      • Filling the center of a circular drive
      • Add height and interest along a blank wall
      • Around the trunk of a tree or palm

      Plant spacing

      Plant tubers about 4 to 6 feet apart. Come out from the house at least 3 feet and in from walks and drives 4 feet or more.
      Place these plants at least 4 feet - more if possible - from nearby small to medium sized plants. For planting near things that are or will be larger than this plant, allow about 3 or 4 feet.
      Elephant ears will grow in a container for a while but does much better in the ground.